SiAFO Freedom of movement, controlled

Award Winning

SAFO (Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis) was developed in the UK as an alternative treatment for patients challenged with dropfoot. SAFO is a patented, medical grade silicone AFO. Recipient of the esteemed Queens Award, the highest award for British business innovation, more than 10,000 patients are benefiting from its unique design and material properties.

Made in the USA

Hanger Fabrication Network is committed to providing state of the art O&P technology and services. We are pleased to announce the addition of silicone AFOs (SiAFO™) to our product offerings.

Unique Benefits

  • Allows physiological movement and passive muscle function
  • Does not restrict crawling, kneeling, or pull to stand activities
  • Improves sensory feedback
  • Facilitates joint receptor response impacting Proprioception and Balance
  • Dampens movement without inhibiting
  • Greater distribution of impact, weight bearing forces and shear distribution
  • Improved cosmesis
  • Protects fragile skin
  • Water resistant (showering, swimming therapy and ADLs)
  • Accommodates normal shoe wear, a variety of heel heights, or worn without shoes

Training Introduction

We are excited to bring this innovative AFO alternative to you and your patients

SiAFO™ patient indications, casting technique and measurements that are required to fabricate the SiAFO are unique. In order to promote best clinical outcomes, we ask all practitioners to review a brief training prerequisite prior to fulfilling the first order.

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