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Wearable technology is growing in healthcare and is influencing how prescribers and patients
share information, interact and make decisions together. Prescribers have access to real-time
data to influence treatment recommendations and patients have greater access to data
about their treatment progress and can be more involved in their overall health and wellness.


Developed to monitor brace wear compliance, the iO™(Intelligent Orthotics) monitor is about the
size of two nickels pressed together.

  • The monitor is seamlessly integrated into the custom prescribed orthoses during the fabrication
  • iO Compliance software has a simple user-friendly interface and calculates compliance to prescribed
    protocol including:
    • % daily compliance
    • % average compliance
    • % compliance between selected treatment periods
  • Data is transferred from the brace to the software with One-touch downloading
  • Simple, exportable, printable, reports between appointments.
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iO Compliance Monitor- Scoliosis

Karol, et al., concluded patients undergoing bracing for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis provided with feedback about their brace wear compliance, improves compliance. Karol, et al Scoliosis 2016

Donzelli et al. demonstrated how compliance is a key element to successful Adolescent Idiopathic scoliosis bracing treatment. Also, that monitors offer valuable treatment insight and do not undermine the relationship with the patients or prescriber. Donzelli, et al Scoliosis 2012, 7:12

iO Compliance Monitor - Neuropathic Walkers

Armstrong et al. concluded subjects with diabetic foot ulcerations appear to wear their off-loading devices
for only a minority of steps taken each day. Control of this important aspect of care with less easily
removable devices may increase the prevalence of healing. Diabetes Care 26:000–000, 2003

System Requirements

One time purchase: 44-1600 cm-practitioner kit (includes USB hub, data reader and software) Available from:

Charleston Bending Brace iO


iO Software Installation
Instructions for Use

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