We Are Hanger Fabrication Network (HFN)

Our commitment is to provide custom, quality O&P products at best value so clinicians can concentrate on what they do best, focused patient care.

We are Experts.

Our Leadership Team includes Mechanical Engineers, Quality & Process Engineers, Certified Clinicians & Technicians and an Inventor who holds more than 20 granted and pending O&P design patents. Trained technicians are dedicated to unique product lines to focus on quality control and process efficiency.

We are Comprehensive.

HFN is unrivaled in size & expertise. We are the largest Custom O&P Manufacturer in US and are digital and automation capable. Our portfolio depth includes head to toe Orthotic and Prosthetic Innovations and we offer specialized product lines including Comfor Flex Adapt Adjustable Prosthetic Systems, ProSpine and Scootz-Pediatric AFOs.

We are Partners.

Combining our expertise, portfolio and network efficiencies enables us to deliver Quality Products and provide Best Value.